Yes, you read right! For the month of June you can get your chunky braids done for as low as N1000. All you have to do is call or send an email ( telling us the style you want and we would take it from there.

Please note that this offer only applies to specific styles. Can't wait to hear from you :)


Introduce yourself.
My name is Barbara. I work full time in Digital Marketing. I worked in Advertising for a while but found it monotonous so switched to Digital Marketing. I work in an Ad Agency but also consult for small & upcoming beauty brands mixing my advertising and digital marketing knowledge to help them with brand building and online presence. I'm also a beauty,and recently, fashion blogger who also writes as well.

What are your favourite products?
Moisturisers mainly. I love the healthy look they give my hair. Makes it look alive. I also recently tried Design Essentials Argan oil spray and it is oh so beautiful. It makes my hair look like its got hidden, sparkling gems within. I can't really describe it.

What’s Your Hair Regimen?
Every month I wash, condition, and follow up with the LCO method. After which I put the hair in single plaits for a week, transition to braid-outs for another week, and then a puff when all else fails. Lol.

Who and what inspires your hair styles?
My mood really. I see hairstyles but I'm yet to achieve any of the absolutely gorgeous hair styles I see online so I've literally evolved my own styles along the lines of convenience and comfort. Unfortunately, hair pins hurt my scalp a lot and give me intense headaches so frequent updos are not for me at all. 

How do you cope with the availability or non-availability of many sought after hair products in the Nigerian market?
Thankfully, I'm not a product junkie so I pretty much use what I find. There are so many brands going into natural products now so it has made it relatively easy. When all else fails though, I wash my hair with Dudu Osun and moisturise with a water + generous Olive oil mix.

In order of preference give us your top 3 Nigerian brands and why you love them.
Afroriri hair butter is top class I must admit and the fact that their Shampoo has awesome suds which rinse out is a simple Nigerian girls' dream (like me).
African Naturalistas has a wider range and is quite affordable too. It's great to know that you are purchasing products from someone who is actually keen on helping you achieve your hair dream. That's an added advantage for me. I've only just used the Natural Nigerian leave-in conditioner so not sure that it can qualify as number 3.

Where can we find Barbara?

You can find me on my blog -, facebook - Barbara & 1923, Twitter - @piriye, Instagram - @barbara1923, Pinterest - Barbara & 1923, G+ - Barbara & 1923, Youtube - Barbara & 1923

NM says: What I love about Barbara's hair is that it looks alive (see pic. 5). I also love how she makes simple hair styles stand out. Thanks Barbara for sharing  and supporting Naija brands :)


I'm so excited about this event and can't wait to come see all my peoples in Lagoos:) Please save the date and spread the word.


The weather in Abuja has been very confusing. One day harmattan, next day extreme heat, and before you know it rain is falling. Two months ago, when the weather changed from dry harmattan to humid, I got braids done to allow my scalp breathe. But because my hair is past shoulder length, I could not make the braids short. My scalp could breathe but having the braids brush against my neck was very uncomfortable. For this reason I had to put the braids up most of the time but that made my neck hurt as the wool used for the braids made the bun too heavy. Solution? Shrink and LOC.
SHRINKAGE (Short Hair)
Since cutting my hair is not an option, I decided to work with the gift of shrinkage. Natural hair is known to be able to go from BSL to chin length in seconds. Thanks to water and water based hair products I could get the perfect length for the season without using scissors.
The LOC method is a method used to keep hair soft and defined for as long as possible. Here's how it works:


Yes you read right! On the 9th of May, 2015 Natural Nigerian, Dr.Purejoie Austine Ihesie and I would be organising the first healthy hair workshop in Lagos, Nigeria. And "We're taking haircare in Nigeria to the next level, with ACCURATE SCIENTIFIC, EVIDENCE-BASED, AND MEDICAL INFORMATION about everything hair."

This workshop came from the need to educate the Nigerian woman on the need for her to take responsibility for her hair and know that having healthy hair IS normal. Over the years, no thanks to a lot of myths and bad hair care practices, Nigerian women have come to believe that healthy hair can only be found on the heads of people from outside our borders. 
As African women we spend so much money on our scalps but almost always end up with very disappointing results. For instance, scaring alopecias have almost become the norm that we are beginning to see nothing wrong with hair loss. The truth is that healthy hair does not begin with how many products you use or how often you use them but from understanding exactly what your hair needs and aiming for the best results with whatever is available to you.

Furthermore, I have always said on here that if you don't understand your hair and products used you can not know when you are getting bad services from your stylists. Even the best of stylists who do their best can still make mistakes. We all know that not every product responds well with every head of hair and that leaves the hair stylist with the onerous job of studying each and every clients hair separately, searching for  which product works best for each client. You would agree with me that is nearly impossible. So the best person to alert the stylist on a practice about to go wrong is no one but you.

Our hope is that after you attend this workshop you should be able to:
  • Understand your hair better and be able to tell when something is not right.
  • Know what products will give your hair type the best results.
  • Understand when your hair (or scalp) is revolting against a particular product or practise.
  • And best of all, pass on the information to your friends and hopefully the next generation.
This workshop is open to any and every hair type (texlaxed, relaxed, natural).  For information on how you can be a part of this please send an email to or
See you soon :)


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